10th Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons

9- 12 September
in Rixos President Hotel, Astana, Kazakhstan.
The motto of the congress is “Unique Science – Unique City”

Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons


Asian Journal of Neurosurgery

Around in 1990, it was very rare to see a young neurosurgeon from Asia at any international neurosurgical meetings anywhere. The reason was of course the unbearable financial difficulty that such participation was creating.
In 1993, the first Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons (ACNS) was held at Nagoya, Japan.
Since then, 10 ACNS meetings have been held in Japan, Pakistan, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, India, China and Malaysia. A total of 3,518 neurosurgeons have participated in them.
New realities in Asia have changed the understanding of underdevelopment, economic growth, social development and health care, facing new challenges presented by matching the new socioeconomic status with the contemporary demands for neurosurgical care.
1. Kanno 1993 Toyota
2. Hashi 1995 Sapporo
3. Raja 1996 Lahore
4. Ohta 1998 Osaka
5. Kato 2000 Nagoya
6. Leung 2002 Hong Kong
7. Eka Wahjoepramono 2004 Jakarta
8. Misura 2006 Mumbai
9. Zhao 2008 Beijing
10. Chee 2010 Kuala Lumpur

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