Hummingbird Neuromonitoring

Hummingbird Neuromonitoring
Hummingbird Synergy is a novel single-port access device for multimodal intracranial monitoring that can be placed safely at the bedside or in the operating room with placement accuracy and has a complication profile similar to or better than that for standard external ventricular drains 1).
Hummingbird Neuromonitoring products help clinicians manage patients suffering from conditions that cause an elevated intracranial pressure.
Provides simultaneous ICP monitoring and CSF drainage, eliminates leveling of a fluid-based system, and enables re-zeroing in situ. This powerful mixture saves nursing time and provides optimized care for the patient.
In addition to developing the first monitoring technology that eliminates capital, they have also delivered the first integrated access device for multimodal monitoring, Hummingbird Synergy. Providing precision access, Hummingbird Synergy combines access for brain probes, ventricular drainage, and parenchymal ICP through a single twist-drill hole. Together, the Hummingbird ICP and Hummingbird Synergy are a powerful combination that reduces procedural complications and optimizes patient care.
The products, which include multimodal, traditional bolt based, and tunneled catheter systems, have been used in thousands of procedures in centers across the United States. With a commitment to continuous innovation, Hummingbird addresses unmet clinical needs and is poised to become the new standard of care for treating patients suffering from traumatic brain injury and stroke.
Multimodal Monitoring Systems
Traditional Bolt Based Systems
Tunneled Ventricular System


Hummingbird Synergy Ventricular
Hummingbird SynergyDuo Ventricular
Hummingbird Synergy Parenchyma
Hummingbird SynergyDuo Parenchyma
Hummingbird Synergy Parenchyma with Temperature
Hummingbird Temperature Probes
1) Chohan MO, Akbik OS, Ramos-Canseco J, Ramirez PM, Murray-Krezan C, Berlin T, Olin K, Taylor CL, Yonas H. A novel single twist-drill access device for multimodal intracranial monitoring: a 5-year single-institution experience. Neurosurgery. 2014 Sep;10 Suppl 3:400-11. doi: 10.1227/NEU.0000000000000451. PubMed PMID: 24887290.

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