Update: Trigeminal nerve deficit after vestibular schwannoma treatment


In 333 patients after microsurgery (Koos grading scale 1: 12, grade 2: 34, grade 3: 62, and grade 4: 225) permanent trigeminal nervedysfunction was found in 1% 1).
In large/compressive, trigeminal nerve deficit has to be sought to avoid corneal complications in particular. Trigeminal hypoesthesia occurs preoperatively in about half of the cases. It remains relatively stable after tumor removal, but there appears to be an increased rate of absentcorneal reflex and neurotrophic keratitis postoperatively. Karkas et al. were able to correlate pre/postoperative trigeminal hypoesthesia with pre/postoperative MRI findings 2).
In 386 patients treated with single-fraction radiosurgery, tumor volume was the only predictor of trigeminal neuropathy 3).
New facial numbness occurred in one patient (2.2%) with normal fifth cranial nerve function prior to stereotactic radiotherapy in 50 patients 4)
Patients receiving > 13 Gy were significantly more likely to develop trigeminal nerve neuropathy than those receiving < 13 Gy (p < 0.001) 5).
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