Today:6th ISMA International Symposium on Microsurgical Anatomy

6th ISMA International Symposium on Microsurgical Anatomy

October 8 — October 10

Istanbul, Turkey
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Posterior Fossa Approaches and MVD Techniques Moderators – Kaya Kilic – Soner Sahin
09:10 Posterior Fossa Anatomy Akin Akakin
09:30 Surgical Approaches to the Fourth Ventricle — Transcerebellomedullary Fissure Approach and Its Variations Toshio Mathsusima
09:50 Microvascular Decompression Techniques and Anatomy Toshio Mathsusima
Session 2 Glomus Jugulare Tumors & Farlateral Approaches Moderators – Arslan Guzel – Umit Kepoglu
10:45 Surgery of Glomus Jugulare Tumors Ossama Al-Mefty
11:05 Surgery of the C-P angle — Anatomy and Approaches Toshio Mathsusima
11:35 Surgery of the Foramen Magnum — Transcondylar Fossa Approach Combined with Transcerebellomedullary Approach Toshio Mathsusima
Session 3 Anatomy of Endoscopic Approaches Moderators – Kaya Aksoy – Hayri Kertmen
13:30 Endoscopic Sellar Anatomy Askin Seker
13:50 Endoscopic Sellar Region Surgery Savas Ceylan
14:10 Endoscopic Skullbase Surgery Techniques Gokmen Kahilogullari – Cem Meço
Session 4 Anterior Fossa Surgery / Venous System of Brain Moderators – Burak Çabuk – İlhan Elmacı
15:00 Complication Avoidance in Venous System Surgery in Supratentorial Region Ossama Al-Mefty
15:20 Complication Avoidance in Venous System Surgery in Infratentorial Region Toshio Mathsusima
15:40 Surgical Principles of Anterior Fossa Surgery Tiit Mathiesen
Session 5 Intrinsic Brain Tumors and Epilepsy Surgery Moderators – Ersin Erdogan – Mehmet Tönge
09:00 Cavernous Sinus Aprroaches Ossama Al-Mefty
09:20 Petrosal Approaches Ossama Al-Mefty
09:40 Microsurgical Approaches for Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy and Temporomesiobasal Tumors. Johannes Schramm
10:00 Microsurgery for Insular Epilepsy and Insular Gliomas. Johannes Schramm
Session 6 Pineal Surgery and Ventricular Anatomy Moderators – Cengiz Kuday – İhsan Arık
10:45 Aneurysm Surgery and Ventricular Surgery Tiit Mathiessen
11:05 Suboccipital Transtentorial Approach to Pineal Region Turker Kilic
11:25 Colloid Cyst Surgical Approaches Necmettin Pamir
11:45 Septal Region and Anatomy of Nucleus Accumbens Serhat Baydin
Session 7 Cavernous Sinus and Petrosal Approaches Moderators – Selcuk Yilmazlar – Ersin Haciyakup
13:30 Middle Fossa Anatomy Baris Kucukyuruk
13:50 MRI Navigated Microsurgical and Functional Anatomy of Nuclei and Fibers of Central Core Huseyin Biceroglu
Session 8 Vascular Anatomy and Aneurysms Moderators – Kudret Tureyen – Zafer O. Toktas
14:20 Microsurgical Anatomy of Acomm-Pcomm Aneursyms Hasan Kocaeli
14:40 Intrinsic Anatomy of Lateral Ventricule Abuzer Gungor

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