360-Degree Skull Base Course


Strasbourg, France

The courses will take place in our IRCAD Institute in Strasbourg, France (http://www.ircad.fr/).

This full immersion workshop is intended for neurosurgeons or ENTs from the world over, who wish to learn and practice the technical skills required for skull base surgery. It has been structured to provide didactic lectures, surgical videos, and over 27 hours of hands-on cadaver dissection sessions, covering a broad spectrum of transcranial keyhole, endoscopic, endonasal and combined approaches. A panel of prominent leaders in these fields of expertise will deliver lectures focusing on skull base anatomy, transcranial, endoscopic assisted and endoscopic endonasal approaches as well as therapeutic strategies for skull base lesions. The scientific program will include a guest speaker session on a topic related to skull base neurosurgery, with lectures delivered by world-renowned experts. Topics previously discussed included acoustic neuroma, microvascular decompression, radiosurgery for skull base lesions, pediatric skull base neurosurgery, brainstem cavernomas, chordomas, revascularization and reconstruction techniques. Attendees will benefit from more than 27 hours of hands-on dissection in the outstanding IRCAD surgical lab environment with state-of-the-art equipment provided by our dedicated sponsors. For hands-on sessions, a live demonstration will be performed at the master station, broadcasted on a 3D screen and at each workstation. In the meantime, participants will work in pairs on prepared injected fixed specimens, under the guidance of a distinguished expert faculty.

Course higlights:

– Full immersion

– 27 hours of hands-on practice

– Didactic lectures and videos from world-renowned experts

– Live 3D demonstration broadcast at each station

– Full HD camera, microscope, endoscope and exoscope

– High-speed drill, neuronavigation, headholders, adequate instrumentation for all

– Outstanding facilities

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