See how the future of in vivo cellular imaging could look.

Curious to see which possibilities are developing in the field of cellular imaging?

The Digital Biopsy Tool – CONVIVO® from ZEISS1 employs a powerful visualization technology that may help to support the resection of brain tumors in the future.

For the first time neurosurgeons are able to perform a digital biopsy without the need for tissue extraction. The innovative Digital Biopsy Tool enables Real-Time Visualization of tissue microstructure and allows for checking a Virtually Unlimited Number of Samples in situ. Gained insights can be saved as Digital Images and can be provided for flexible data analysis – anytime, anywhere.

Real-time visualization of tissue structures.
Real-time visualization of tissue structures.

Visualize tissue microstructure in real time.

ZEISS CONVIVO utilizes confocal laser endomicroscopy, which is based on a scanning mechanism miniaturized into the probe tip. This allows to seamlessly integrate imaging of cellular structures into the surgical workflow. With the ease-of-use of surgical tools in mind, the scanner probe is designed for allowing a direct and safe placement on the tissue. In combination with the contrast agent fluorescein sodium tissue microstructure is visualized. Instantly.

Virtually unlimited number of samples.

Check a virtually unlimited number of samples in situ.

Digital biopsies with CONVIVO from ZEISS require no extraction of tissue or processing, thus allowing surgeons to take a virtually unlimited number of samples. The intuitive user interface allows for scanning of areas of interest, quickly delivering the necessary number of images. The surgeon can review recorded images and select the most relevant for interpretation by pathologists. Without a limit.

Forward digital images via network connection

Transfer and analyze digital images – anytime anywhere.

With innovative ways to share data with pathologists, ZEISS CONVIVO becomes one of the most flexible endomicroscopy systems of its kind. Review of in-vivo imaging data can be done by remote access allowing for immediate analysis of the sample. Anytime anywhere.

ZEISS Sterile Sheath simplifies the draping procedure.

Intuitive draping concept.

Quickly and effortlessly prepare the ZEISS CONVIVO probe with ZEISS Sterile Sheath. Especially designed for the Digital Biopsy Tool, draping is made intuitive, ensuring ergonomic and easy handling. Premium optical quality, known from ZEISS, is maintained in the consumable drape, ensuring optimal image results even at high magnification. Sterile.

Working seamlessly with ZEISS KINEVO 900.

ZEISS CONVIVO can directly interact with the all-new Robotic Visualization System KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS. Transferring video signals to ZEISS KINEVO 900 makes it possible to have combined views of tissue microstructure and the surgical views of the Robotic Visualization System. Combined triggering functionality for both systems makes recording as easy as pressing a button. Workplace exten

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