3D NEUROANATOMY – Intrinsic brain anatomy and surgical approaches


1: Surface Surgical Anatomy. – Phylogenetic evolution of the human brain. – The cerebral lobes. – Craniometric points of the skull. – Brain surface functional understanding through intraoperative mapping.

MODULE 2: The Cerebral Substance (I). – The white matter of the human brain. – Lateral dorsal & ventral tracts. – How I do it: awake surgery. – Technical adjuncts for glioma surgery. – How I do it: endoscopic assisted glioma surgery.

SURGICAL STATION 1: Hands-On. – Intrinsic brain tumor resection on a 3D printed model.

SURGICAL STATION 2: Break-out Session. – The case for discussion: INSULAR GLIOMA.

SURGICAL STATION 3: Quiz Session. – Sulco-gyral organization and cortical 3D understanding based on real cases.

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