Somatotroph adenoma

Somatotroph adenoma

Somatotroph adenomas (GH producing adenomas, somatotropinomas) are typically recognized when they secrete GH excessively and cause the clinical syndrome of acromegaly. This recognition not only identifies a sellar mass as a somatotroph adenoma but also expands the therapeutic options. Occasional reports in the literature also describe ‘silent somatotroph adenomas,’ referring to adenomas that can be identified as somatotroph adenomas by positive immunohistochemical staining for GH, but are not associated with clinical evidence of GH excess. Some of these adenomas are totally silent, in that they are not associated with either clinical manifestations of GH excess or elevated serum concentrations of GH or IGF1.

75 % of Somatotroph adenomas are > 10 mm at time of diagnosis.

Somatotroph adenoma pathogenesis.

Somatotroph adenoma classification.

Somatotroph adenoma clinical features.

Somatotroph adenoma diagnosis.

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Somatotroph adenoma case series.

Somatotroph adenoma case reports.

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