Pregnant neurosurgical resident

Pregnant neurosurgical resident

It is possible for a neurosurgical resident to be pregnant, as there are no specific restrictions on pregnant individuals becoming or remaining neurosurgical residents. However, pregnant residents may need to make accommodations for their pregnancy, such as modifying their work schedule or duties, in order to ensure the safety of both the resident and the patient. It is important for the resident to discuss their pregnancy with their program director and to stay in close communication with their obstetrician throughout their pregnancy.

Establishment of a diverse neurosurgical workforce includes increasing the recruitment of women in neurosurgery. The impact of pregnancy on the training and career trajectory of female neurosurgeons poses a barrier to recruitment and retention of women in neurosurgery 1).

A Women in Neurosurgery survey evaluated female neurosurgeons’ perception and experience regarding childbearing of female neurosurgeons and identified several recommendations regarding family leave policies. Additionally, pregnancy may carry higher risk in surgical fields, yet little guidance exists to aid both the pregnant resident and her training program in optimizing the safety of the training environment with specific considerations to risks inherent in neurosurgical training. A review of current literature aims to address best practices that can be adopted by pregnant neurosurgery residents and their training programs to improve the well-being of these residents while considering the impact on their education and the educational environment for their colleagues 2)

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