AOSpine Advanced Seminar—Spinal trauma and spinal cord injury

AOSpine Advanced Seminar—Spinal trauma and spinal cord injury

October 19 — October 20

Dublin, Ireland

This seminar addresses the evaluation, classification, treatment selection and complications associated with spinal trauma and spinal cord injuries. It explores advances in spinal cord injury treatment and looks at methods of preventing and treating this devastating complication of spinal trauma. The seminar will comprise of didactic lectures and debates by the expert faculty, focusing on providing the best available evidence for each topic. Illustrative cases will also be presented, followed by open and interactive discussion amongst the faculty members and participants.

Learning objectives

Maintain normotension in the patient
Recognize spinal instability
Describe the injury based on an image-based morpho-logical classification
Select the treatment based on the available evidence
Recognize regional/junctional differences
Recognize complications as early as possible
Correct deformity

EANS Advanced Course in Spinal Surgery

EANS Advanced Course in Spinal Surgery

October 29 — October 31

Munich, Germany
Part I: Extended indications and advanced operative techniques
Registration will open in May 2017. Click HERE to register your interest via the course website.
Part II,  ‘complications and management’, is planned again for 2018.

LECTURE TOPICS: Craniocervical junction / Cervicothoracic junction / Thoracic spine / Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) / Lumbar degenerative scoliosis / High-grade lumbar spondylolisthesis / Sacrum / Intramural tumours

CADAVER LAB TEACHING: OC/C1/C2 Instrumentation / Thoracic en bloc vertebrectomies / Lumbar osteotomies / Endoscopic odontoid resection / transoral approaches / Cervicothoracic pedicle screws / Posterolateral corcectomies / Sacral resections and sacropelvic fixation techniques


Emre Acaroglu (Turkey)
Massimo Balsano (Italy)
Stephanie Combs (Germany)
Maarten Coppes (NL)
Bart Depreitere (Belgium)
John Duff (Switzerland)
Joerg Franke (Germany)
Cumhur Kilincer (Turkey)
Heiko Koller (Germany)
Jesús Lafuente (Spain)
Jens Lehmberg (Germany)
Bernhard Meyer (Germany)
Wouter Moojen (NL)
Wilco Peul (NL)
Dominique A Rothenfluh (UK)
Yu-Mi Riyang (Germany)
Ehab Shiban (Germany)
Claudius Thomé (Austria)
Carmen Vleggeert-Lankamp (NL)

Advanced 3D fiber dissection course

Next October (Friday, 13th and Saturday, 14th) will take place an advanced 3D fiber dissection course in Santander.
The participants will learn the technique of fiber dissection in order to acquire the mental imagery of the main white matter tracts.
We wanted to give a practical perspective to the course; therefore, in the second day of the course, the participants will directly apply the knowledge acquired to practice surgical approaches in the laboratory. We will simulate in the specimens an insular and ventricular approach.
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