Webinar: Clinical Anatomy of Ventricles

Time: May 9, 2020
07:00 AM (Wisconsin GMT -5)
08:00 AM (US GMT -4)
12:00 PM (GMT +0)
05:00 PM (Pak time GMT +5)
05:30 PM (India GMT +5.30)

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Certificate will be given according to the Google Form Attendance
Full Attendance Mandatory to obtain Certificate for the Course

COVID-19 Clinical Practice Guidelines

COVID-19 Clinical Practice Guidelines
Stay current on new guidelines and recommendations.
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New COVID-19 Clinical Guidelines, including the following:
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CDC Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens from Persons ›
FDA Guidance on Face Masks ›
CMS Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention in Nursing Homes ›
ACC Guidance on Cardiac Implications ›
ISUOG Guidance on COVID-19 During Pregnancy and Puerperium ›
AAO Guidance on COVID-19 for Ophthalmologists ›
CMS Guidance on Containing Hospital Spread of COVID-19 ›
CPAM Rapid Advice Guidelines ›
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