Today: 5th Homburger Neuroendoscopy Week

5th Homburger Neuroendoscopy Week

September 19 — September 23

Homburg-Saar, Germany
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International faculty with experts in all fields of neuroendoscopy:
A. Alias (Malaysia)
R. Bosnjak (Slovenia)
G. Cinalli (Italy)
S. Constantini (Israel)
A. Cordoba (Uruguay)
R. H. Dahlan (Indonesia)
H. Delye (The Netherlands)
C. Deopujari (India)
S. Gore (India)
S. Gorelyshev (Russia)
A. Grotenhuis (The Netherlands)
A. O. Gushcha (Russia)
H. Leu (Switzerland)
D. Locatelli (Italy)
T. Lübbers (Germany)
P. P. Menchetti (Italy)
I. Polythodorakis (Greece)
R. Ramina (Brazil)
S. Rohidas (India)
H. Schroeder (Germany)
S. Sgouros (Greece)
S. Sharif (Pakistan)
C. Tschan (Germany)
S. Vulcu (Switzerland)

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